Beware of Fake Websites Selling Toaster Huggee® Toaster Covers

Toaster Huggee® Toaster Covers – Shop Smart!

There is only one authentic manufacturer and seller of the Toaster Huggee® Toaster Cover:

The Toaster Huggee® shop (


Only the Toaster Huggee Shop is authorized to sell this product. If anyone else is claiming to sell this product, you will not receive what you think you’ve purchased. As the creative behind the Toaster Huggee® Toaster Cover, I began hand sewing these items in March of 2019. I sold my first in July 2019.

I’m proud to say these are handmade in the USA.

The ecommerce retail channels authorize to sell this product is; Amazon/Handmade; and  Any other website is not authorized to sell this product. If you find it someplace else for a reduced price, beware because it is a fake product. Toaster Huggee® is a legal trademark and the patent for the Toaster Huggee® Toaster Cover is pending.

 It’s fairly difficult to start a business from scratch whether just yourself, a business partner, or organization.  You spend countless hours, financial resources, blood (in theory), sweat, and tears trying to make a go of your business.

 Therefore, it is especially heartbreaking when others try and steal your ideas, pretend to represent your product or author fake websites using your trademarked name!

I wish the market was saturated with used Toaster Huggee® toaster covers, but it simply is not.

So, please do not click on these fake websites; some of them are malware. I discovered this while investigating them myself.

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