Toaster Huggee® Covers| Customers are Gushing!

Covers for your Toaster? Why yes, Toaster Huggee® 5 Star Reviews!

Customers are Gushing! Buyers can't say enough good stuff about them.

Just when you thought toaster covers were almost obsolete, the Toaster Huggee® Brand introduced a new innovative design that has stepped up to the plate.  

After over two years on the market, buyers from both Amazon and Etsy can’t say enough great things about the Toaster Huggee® Brand magnetic toaster covers.

It’s a cover for a two-slice, four-slice, including the four-slice long-slot toasters. Over 40 different covers for your toaster are displayed at There’s an array of colors and prints to choose from.

And the buyers love them!!!


"This Huggy is well made, fits perfectly, and the side magnets keep it in place perfectly. I had a full cover, but it was so bulky, I stopped using it. Then I found this Huggy...changed my life...Hubby loves it too!"
"Beautifully made. It was exactly as described. The quality of the fabric is first rate."
"I have been looking for something like this for months and was delighted when I founded the perfect cover for my new toaster. The design is unique as is the colour and pattern. Excellent communication. Fast delivery. My ToasterHuggee ticks all my boxes"

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