Toaster Huggee® Magnetic Toaster Cover

Magnetic Toaster Cover

Toaster Huggee® toaster covers are a unique and different approach to covering your toaster without hiding it completely. This cover protects the open slots & drapes over to hug the sides of your magnetic metal toaster. It won’t side off.

******No dust in toaster slots by covering just the top******


Toaster Huggee® covers complement your toaster with a variety of colors, designs & prints.

  1. The 2-slice covers are 13x7.5 inches
  2. 4-slice are 18x7.5 inches, and
  3. 4-slice long slot are 12x12 inches.

Toaster Covers Start at $18.00 

How to measure your toaster!

  • 100% Cotton Washable Fabric 
  • Covers the length of most slots
  • Won’t hide your toaster, but make it look like new again
  • Toaster Huggee® covers complements your kitchen décor!
  • Magnetic Toaster Cover - on both the left and right sides
  • You will Love this Keep-it-Clean Design


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