Why do You Need a Toaster Cover?

Toaster covers are a very simple answer to keeping modern-day toasters clean.

You Need a Toaster Cover Because Toasters Get Dirty Too!

Just like your kitchen counter accumulates, liquids, grease, crumbs, dust, and etc. requiring daily clean up, so does you counter top toaster.

It's funny, we wash our dishes, glasses, skillets, pots and pans, but most people ignore the messes that fall in open toaster slots. Why? Don't we cook in our toasters too?

Some folks use their toasters daily, others once or twice a week, some less often. And most never think about keeping it clean.

Did you know there's a removable crumb tray at the bottom you can pull out and clean? Oh snap! 

Using a Toaster Cover Keeps your Toaster Looking New. 

I get it, who wants to cover their expensive designer toaster purposely chosen to match their designer kitchen? I didn't and is why I introduced a new stylish way to cover your toaster to complement it and your kitchen. You don’t have to spending countless hours wiping off your toaster every time you use it. 


 A Toaster Huggee® covers only the top and drapes over the sides. This magnetic fabric toaster cover won't fall off. Use it again and again, and just like a magnet it will hold every time. Try it!

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