How to Measure Your Toaster for a Toaster Huggee® Perfect Fit!

How to Measure for a Toaster Huggee® 

It might seem obvious, but after more than two years of selling Toaster Huggee® toaster covers, how to measure is a question asked many times. 

With a plethora of toasters, a multitude of different sizes, shapes, and colors - one size toaster cover does not fit all. 

Most Toaster Huggee® Covers are the Right Size

There's the large 2 wide slot toaster, regular 2 slot toaster, and adding the 4-slot toasters really make things complicated. These come in so many shapes and sizes. However, over 95% of Toaster Huggee® brand toaster covers have worked out beautifully. 

Measuring Logic

The 2 slice covers are 13 inches wide and 7.5 long/deep. The length references the how long the toaster slots are front-to-back.  The 13 inches is how wide, and is measured from left to right. The cover is designed to drape over each side about 2 inches. 

I have found that most 4 slice toasters are wider, but the length of the slots are usually the same as the 2 slice toasters. 

I am sorry, but sending me the measurements listed by the manufacturer have proven not helpful at all!  For me, it's just not accurate. The best thing is to pull out your measuring tape and measure your toaster if you are not sure what size to order. 

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Thanks for reading!